Compelling Science Fiction – Issue 14 is out!

Issue 14, Winter 2019, the latest issue of Compelling Science Fiction is now available!

Cover for CSF Issue 14
Compelling Sci Fi Issue 14 cover

CSF Editor, Joe Stetch, writes: We start with R R Angell’s “A Dog’s Life“. It’s about a dog, a family, and cryo-storage (3937 words). Our second story is “Cravings” by Steve DuBois. In a near-future America run according to the standard that the neediest are served first, a policeman confronts the sacrifices that that principle requires (6000 words). The third story this issue, Santiago Belluco’s “The Engineering of Alyssa Langley,” is a story about a young woman who hires a black-market genetic engineer to reverse the changes her parents illegally foisted on her. But can she really trust him, especially after her modifications turn out to be far different than she expected (5300 words)? Next we have “Envoy in the Ice” by Dustin Steinacker. This one is a story about humanity’s yearly diplomatic visit to a mercurial alien entity who has set up in the Antarctic. It is a reprint that originally appeared in Writers of the Future Vol. 33 (8700 words). The final story is “Our 500-Year Plan” by James Reinebold. Noboru, a digitized drone control operative on a space ark, attempts to maintain control over his life as his environment begins to lose its fidelity (2500 words).

You can read A Dog’s Life here for free! Sit. Stay. Good reader!

After my story, keep reading because you’ll be pleasantly entertained throughout!

Sadly, the magazine is shutting down. You can read the publisher’s blog post about the closure here.

A little nostalgia: You can read my Issue 7 story, What’s a Few Years When You Get Money and Friends in High Places? for free here.

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