Free Stories!

Here are links to online stories that are still available to read for FREE!

“Beachhead,” Gargoyle Magazine Online,, February 2023

“A Walk In The Park,” The Broadkill Review,, 2022


“Radio Heads,” East of the Web,

“A Dog’s Life,” Compelling Science Fiction Issue 14, Editor Joe Stech,, December 2018

“A Dry Wish,” Chelsea Station, editor Jameson Currier,, May 2017

“What’s A Few Years When You Get Money And Friends In High Places?” Compelling Science Fiction Issue 7, Editor Joe Stech,, June 2017

“Lost Anchors,” Belletrist Literary Arts Journal, Editor Cassie Cross,  March 2017

Interviews! Essays!

Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review, December 8, 2020,

Fools & Fiction Podcast, July 2019,