My first podcast is right here!

Recent events have made me interested in getting REMOTE CONTROL out there in the world again. I recorded the podcast and sent it along to Interzone Magazine for their podcast site, TRANSMISSIONS FROM BEYOND. TFB is still going, but the podcast of the story was taken down a few years ago. After all, the story was published in June of 2008. Oddly enough, it still reads fresh to me. Tell me what you think.



Don't kid yourself. I once explained this story to an acting Marine Colonel at a cocktail party in 2010, a few years after it had been published, and he said, "That's actually a good idea." He turned and walked away leaving me a bit nervous. 

This story is about border and immigration control along the Mexican border. It's also about gun rights. It's about how all that can go really, really wrong and how we need to keep believing that good will surface in even the most unlikely places.

Presidential reading list loss

One fact about Trump is that he will never be First Reader. He doesn’t read and he’s proud of it. All past presidents have brought great works and authors to the general public. Bill Clinton spotlighted Maya Angelou generally, and Gabriel García Márquez, specifically ONE HUNDRED DAYS OF SOLITUDE. Obama highlighted Helen Macdonald’s H IS FOR HAWK, Colson Whitehead’s BARBARIAN DAYS, and SEVENEVES, a sci-fi novel by Neal Stephenson. Ronald Reagan brought us Tom Clancy’s THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER and made it a bestseller. Most of all, John F. Kennedy brought us Ian Flemming with CASINO ROYAL and all the James Bond novels since.

Reading lists from interesting and powerful people, especially presidents, give us insights into what guides their thinking, what stimulates their thoughts, and through what literary doors they are able to escape and decompress. Their lists show that they are, in many ways, just like us.

Trump is not a reader. Sad.

A few miles from shore?

“Bob,” you ask, “why do you have ‘A Few Miles From Shore…’ typed out under your site’s name?”

Thanks for your question!

The line is a reference to a favorite quote by Andre Gide that I find inspirational. Here is what he said: “One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.”

Sometimes my writing life feels like that, out there discovering new lands. You’re out there on the ocean. Some days are bliss. Others are perfect storms. Then you find some land. Is it an island, a short story? How big is it? A novel continent? A newly discovered inland sea?  An archipelago of linked stories?

So, this website is my little boat. While you’re here, you can see some of the places I’ve been. Pretty simple.

Welcome aboard!