Link fix: Gay & Lesbian Review, December 8, 2020 essay

Somehow, I never got the link set up on the FREE STORIES! tab or mad it easy for you to find it. There are a bunch of other links like that, and I’ll be fixing them as I get around to it. Putting up posts here isn’t a priority of mine as I do have lots of other things I am supposed to be doing, like writing! And not little blog posts.

You can find my obscure blog post on this site that contains the link to the essay here.

You can go directly to the G&LR essay How It All Changed here, 

The link to the Free Stories!section is here.

The link to Selected Bibliography is here.

Why you might want to read the essay. Well, the 1993 March on Washington is LGBTQ history that is worth knowing about, back in the day when it was just LGB. It isn’t just that this particular date or this particular march happened, but the reasons it happened (society and all of the institutionalized oppression and fears that existed then and still exist today in many ways and places) and the effect all of it had on our lives was significant and costly – emotionally, creatively, monetarily, and in so many other ways.

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