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Best Game Ever (Special Episode Part 1/2) – June 28, 2019

Listen here:—Best-Game-Ever-Special-Episode-Part-12-e4fgit

It’s our secret project!  Over the past several weeks, we’ve been reading reviewers’ copies of R R Angell’s queer sci-fi novel Best Game Ever.  And now we talk about the book in anticipation for our discussion with the author on July 1st!  But you also have an important role to play: send us questions to ask via the links below!

Minor spoilers for Best Game Ever.

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by Joe Brown and Finn Mayhew
theme music by Finn Mayhew
cover art by Chris Lee
produced by Finn Mayhew

Best Game Ever (Special Episode Part 1/2) – July 6, 2019

Listen here:—A-Conversation-with-R-R-Angell-Special-Episode-Part-22-e4gkvi

We continue our discussion of the recently released book Best Game Ever, this time joined by the author himself!

Spoilers for Ex Machina, and minor spoilers for Best Game Ever.

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