My 2019 Baltimore Book Festival Schedule – Friday Nov 1st – Sunday Nov 3rd

Hey Everybody! I’ll be at the BBF this weekend in Baltimore’s vibrant Inner Harbor along with some wonderful writers and performers. If you’re looking for fun this weekend, stop by, buy some books and get them signed by the author! My books will be available at the Ivy Bookshop kiosk.

FRIDAY, November 1st, 2019

Friday 1 PM – SFFWA stage (see note for location) From the Holodeck to Ready Player One: Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Fiction and Fact  with Elsa Sjunesson-Henry, James Beamon, RR Angell, Sarah Pinsker, T. Eric Bakutis

Friday 4 PM – MRW stage (see note for location) World Building: Creating the Ultimate Background for a Fictional World  with Pintip Dunn, Anne Renwick, L. Penelope, Margaret Locke, Bob Angell, E. Elizabeth Watson

Friday 5 PM – MRW stage A Love For All Hearts: Writing Love, Without Boundaries with Robin Covington, Ivy Quinn, Andrew Grey, Joyfully Jay, Bob Angell

Friday 6 PM – SFFWA stage area Book Signing: RR Angell That’s me!

Friday 8 PM – SFFWA stage Debut Book Party! Mingle with Your Favorite New Science-Fiction and Fantasy Authors

SATURDAY, November 2nd, 2019

6 PM – MRW stage Romantic Suspense: Balancing Life-Threatening Bad Guys and Heart-Melting RomanceWith Laura Kamoie, Robin Covington, AR Case, Nancy C Weeks, Bob Angell

Note: The SFWA stage and the RWA stage are both in the USM (University System of Maryland) Columbus Center located at 701 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD. The building is on the northeast side of the Inner Harbor on the next pier east of Phillips Seafood, Barnes and Noble, and the National Aquarium 

Full BBF Searchable Schedule:

Baltimore Book Festival map
2019 Baltimore Book Festival – click for interactive map

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