A Song For A New Day by Sarah Pinsker

Sarah Pinsker's new novel, A Song For A New Day
Song For A New Day – Pinsker

If you pay attention to music you’ll know that all revolutions begin with protest songs. In Sarah Pinsker’s debut novel, two main characters come at subtle changes from different directions. Theirs is a society that has been torn apart and individuals have been isolated by terrorism, politics, and corporate greed. Luce, the rising-star musician from Pinsker’s Nebula Award-winning short story Our Lady Of The Open Road, plays the last live concert before bomb threats shut down all the venues and then goes underground. Rosemary, part of the new generation raised in VR, works for the only VR music venue as a band recruiter. The two women’s lives weave together like a beautiful melody with points, counterpoints, harmonies and disharmonies and finish on a lovely and hopeful note. 

Yes, revolutions begin with protest songs, but some of them are written down. This book is one of them. 

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