R R Angell Award Eligibility for 2019

(Also, a reminder that these make great Holiday presents!)

The thing I’m most proud of is… MY FIRST NOVEL!

Best Game Ever: A Virtuella Novel (Novel) 

The LGBTQ YA VR AR VI Thriller you’ve been waiting for. A group of gay, nonbinary, and straight college nerds on the Virtual Campus Challenge team are racing toward a deadline when Robby’s roommate dies of an apparent suicide after playing their favorite VR first-person flyer game, Flying Squirrels. Robby suspects foul play. With the help of his teammates, Robby exposes a threat to all VR gamers, and the SaikoVR AI game engine, Virtuella, fights back. Can Robby and his friends defeat Virtuella, save the world, and find love in the BEST GAME EVER?

A Dog’s Life (Short story) Compelling Science Fiction Issue 14

Cryo-storage for pets while you’re on vacation! Well, think again. 

In The Space of Nine Lives (Novelette)

Click (Flash story) Queer Sci Fi Anthology, Migration

While the wealthy are digitizing themselves to safety during climate collapse, two boys in love have a different idea.


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