My Queer Words Podcast Interview

I couldn’t believe it when Wayne Goodman, the founder of Queer Words Podcast, wanted to interview me for an episode. I had just been selected to be a part of the 2020 Pride Bundle of books, edited by Catherine Lundoff of Queen of Swords Press, that would be available in June (LGBTQ Pride Month if you didn’t know) and was already flying high.

Yes, I was nervous as hell. I’d been a huge fan of Queer Words for over a year at that point. QW is a fabulous way to get to know all kinds of queer writers, artists, and activists that you wouldn’t normally run across in your daily life. Unless you listened to Queer Words, of course. Wayne is a consummate interviewer (he also does the music) and has a set list of questions he asks to all his interviewees, so I already knew the questions he would ask when he called. I was a mess, but Wayne’s skill at sound editing made me sound half-way decent.

But you can be the judge of that. You can listen to it here:

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