Woodstock and Dublin

First off, thanks to all my friends in Dublin at WorldCon for noticing that I’m not physically there. Here’s why: We had some medical issues that prevented us from flying and by the time I realized that I might be able to attend, I’d missed the boat on programming, airfare, and hotel blocks. Oh well. I’m loving all the photos everyone is posting!

I’m still on the fence for New Zealand next year, and there may be some changes in the wind that just might make me want to stay home! Stay tuned!

What I’m doing instead of Worldcon? That’s easy! It’s the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock so of course I’m watching the 1972 movie on the big screen with friends! No shenanigans this time, only beer and (maybe) some popcorn. My Big Woodstock Story remains the dashed dreams and machinations of three twelve-year-olds in Concord, Massachusetts who pleaded to be taken along by an older brother who, when it got close to actually going, got sick and couldn’t drive us.

In hindsight, I’m guessing that he hadn’t gotten permission to take their station wagon and got shut down, never mind that none of us asked permission from our parents. We knew better and, in pre-teen fashion, were prepared to run away to the festival. 

We did camp out that weekend in a field near a small pond after telling our parents that we would be at each other’s houses. The old switcheroo. Nobody bothered to check up on us, and this wouldn’t be the only time we pulled that trick.

That’s my Woodstock story.

Outside The Gates Of Eden

I’m also reading Lew Shiner’s newest book, Outside The Gates Of Eden, and am about 360 pages into this 880 page book. It’s about the evolution of rock and roll from 1965 on and I’m coming up to the Woodstock section. Lew writes about music and musicians like nobody I know, and if you’ve ever played any instrument, ever wanted to, or just want to know what it is like to be caught up in the magic of music, read him!

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