“Clinical Delicacies,” Stress City, Anthology, Paycock Press

Short Story – excerpt

Eola was my first, and I’ll always remember that. She was on the heavy side, no great beauty, but I wasn’t concerned with beauty right then. She was flat on her back. Gravity pulled at her jowls, stretched her face, and tugged her ample boobs down on her biceps. Those were the big brown eyes that grabbed my attention. 

I was eighteen, a prep school senior, and on the varsity lacrosse team. My teammates boasted, but I had never seen a woman naked before.

Eola let me look all I wanted. 

She was fifty-seven.  My girlfriend, Cindy, was seventeen.  So far, Cindy and I had kept the lights off and most of our cloths on.  This was different.  In those first few minutes, I got to know Eola far better than I’d ever get to know Cindy.

Eola’s stark nakedness made me forget the antiseptic smell, the green tiled walls, and the bright, bright lights.  Her body as cold as the stainless steel table on which she lay. 

The shining workbench was rectangular and rimmed to contain fluids, with little channels like a giant serving platter that funneled to a drain. That big puff of nasty pubic hair was staring me down when Charles snuck up behind and slapped a pair of latex gloves over my shoulder. He proffered an apron like a waiter at the country club.

“Put these on, Thomas, we don’t have all damn day,” he said. 

End of excerpt

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“Clinical Delicacies,” Stress City, Anthology, Paycock Press

Edited by Richard Peabody

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