“We’ll Always Have Paris,” Best Date Ever, Anthology

Here’s an excerpt:

Ben and I met in October of 1988 when he was a junior at Georgetown University and I was an engineer with a defense contractor and nine years out of college. He was two inches taller than me, and had the grace of the young.  I was a triathlete, built for endurance and not for display.  He was an introvert, and I was at home in a crowd.  He came out in high school; I was still having problems with it.

That first Christmas break he came back a week early to be with me.  He didn’t go to his folks for spring break, and we went to Florida instead.  That summer he took an internship in DC that turned into a part-time job.  We used to joke that we were lesbians because he moved in right away, we spent all our time together, and we liked it that way.

We were both toe-heads as kids, hair white as snow with the complexions that go with it.  Though our hair darkened with age, we still burn easily from the sun, and also with the wrong glance or word – high potential for a little drama.  We fought like cats and dogs.  My friends gave it six months, then made a habit of recasting their bets. 

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“We’ll Always Have Paris,” Best Date Ever, Anthology

Edited by Lawrence Schimel, Alyson Books

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