Readercon, Frank Robinson wins the Cordwainer Award, and other stuff

I was at Readercon in July when they awarded Frank M. Robinson their Cordwainer Award with the intention of reviving interest in writers whose work may have fallen out of view but deserved to be remembered. A kind of signal boosting, and a very good idea.  Frank was a great friend and mentor of mine … Continue reading Readercon, Frank Robinson wins the Cordwainer Award, and other stuff

Fools and Fiction Podcast Review!

Two college kids and their occasional friends have various talks about their opinions on fiction. Best Game Ever (Special Episode Part 1/2) - June 28, 2019 Listen here: It's our secret project!  Over the past several weeks, we've been reading reviewers' copies of R R Angell's queer sci-fi novel Best Game Ever.  And now … Continue reading Fools and Fiction Podcast Review!

Best Game Ever

The queer YA science fiction novel you’ve all been waiting for is here! It is springtime at Bolin College and death is in the air. In this fast-paced virtual reality thriller, a group of gay, nonbinary, and straight college nerds on the Virtual Campus Challenge team are racing toward a mandatory system demonstration in order to … Continue reading Best Game Ever

A selected bibliography

“A Dry Wish,” Chelsea Station, editor Jameson Currier, “To Be Seduced Is To Be Reborn,” Renewal, Queer Sci Fi Anthology, Mischief Corner Books, ISBN 978-0-9980903-3-7 “What’s A Few Years When You Get Money And Friends In High Places?” Compelling Science Fiction Issue 7, Editor Joe Stech,, June 2017 “Lost Anchors,” Belletrist Literary Arts … Continue reading A selected bibliography